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2019 Popular Dresses + Flat Shoes

Posted by huo janson on

This year, popular wear "dresses + flat shoes", high and stylish, stunning the whole summer!

The most popular fashion in the fashion circle is always the dress, and even many little fairies wear skirts all year round.
And every time this season, I believe that the most indispensable in the wardrobe is the dress, light and beautiful, once captured the girl's heart of many girls. Then in order to refuse the smashing of the skirt, you may wish to try it with flat shoes. The simple and simple style of the flat shoes is just like the softness of the dress, creating a beautiful girl with a civilian style!
So today, we brings five models of this year's popular "dresses + flat shoes" for the little fairies. It is also high and fashionable, and it keeps you amazing throughout the summer!
After all, dresses + flat shoes are the standard for summer, the elegance is unstoppable, and the male god is also moving to you! If you want to succeed in the goddess of the goddess, you can come and learn together~

1.Blue tulle dresses + stitching flat shoes
Very temperament, very charming blue skirt, the design of the tulle, countless people, can also exude a feminine curve, the upper body is really beautiful, loose skirt, more leg-slim legs It's a skirt that doesn't pick people, so the girl with thick legs, you must wear this skirt, with flat shoes, playful and energetic, simple but special beauty.

2.Chiffon dresses + white flat shoes
A chiffon dress with a cool sensation, this year's popular wear, small V-neck design, decorated neck line, set off a beautiful face, loose version, white does not pick the skin color and very versatile, loose The skirt is beautiful and slim, and the ultra-short skirt is especially suitable for small girls, super long legs, with a pair of white flat shoes, retro and stylish.

3.Lattice pleated dresses + flat-bottom grandma shoes
The solid color T-shirt is very classic and versatile, but it is also the most popular T-shirt this year. It is best to look at the plaid skirt with a plaid, youth and age, and the design of the hip can make you look good and short. The style of the skirt, the elongated leg type, the height is more slim, the top is stuffed into the skirt, revealing the waistline, the overall effect is very beautiful, wearing a long long leg, pleated elements, decorated skirt, feet Wearing flat-bottomed grandma shoes looks elegant and temperament.

4.contrast print dresses + black flat strap sandals
In the hot summer, if you want your mix to be refreshing and comfortable, then choose a fresh match. This apricot T-shirt is super-beautiful and nice, while the loose version is even thinner. For you to cover the belly of the small belly, with a contrast printed skirt, temperament and fashion sense, coupled with a pair of black flat strap sandals, high and stylish, wearing a stunning summer!

5.wave point cold wind dress + flat casual shoes
Japanese style polka-dot dress, retro style, very playful dot print pattern, full of childlike sense, smoky blue is very tender color, let you look more youthful, round neck collar, wear It is very convenient to take off, the A-type version, showing a good figure, covering the meat and slimming, the pedals are double-white flat-bottomed casual shoes, the overall shape is really comfortable, very nice, and adds a little casual feeling, so beautiful.
Dresses + flat shoes are the standard of spring, and the elegance is unstoppable. If you are interested, you can study together~
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