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Classification Of Dress

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From the length of the dress,

The types of dresss can be mini dresss, short dresss, mid-length dresss, long dresss, and the like.

Of course, the mini dress is the shortest of these categories, and the dress is usually above the knee. The short dress is relatively longer than the mini dress, and the dress is longer and lower than the knee. The mid-length dress is longer than the short dress, and the dress is longer than the knee and can cover the calf. The long dress is the longest, and the dress is long on the ankle. From the height of the waistline of the dress, the types of dresss can be low waist dress, no waist dress, wide waist dress and high waist dress.

dresss with a low waistline that is lower than the normal waistline are generally low. A waistless dress is a dress without a waist. Removing the waist from the basic shape of the dress is a waistless dress. A wide waist dress is a dress with a wide waist. The high-waist dress is similar to the wide-waist dress. The waistline is higher than the waist of the human body, but the waist of the high-waist dress is integrated with the dress, without the need for a separate waist. From the form of the dress, the dress can be of a narrow dress, an A-line dress, a wave dress, a multi-piece dress, a pleated dress, a pleated dress and a layered dress.

The narrow dress is the basic type of the dress, which is a dress that is straight down from the waist, the hips to the dress, or slightly deflated, and fits and is small. The dress of the A-line dress is wider than the buttocks and is a lightweight dress. The dress of the wavy dress is wider than the A-line dress. Due to the difference between the width of the dress and the dress, there are various styles, such as a round dress, a slant dress, and a flare dress. The multi-piece dress includes four pieces, six pieces, eight pieces, etc., and is sewn by using multiple cutting in a straight direction, and the contour is three-dimensional. The pleated dress is a small pleat at the waist line by means of shirring, and the shape feels young and cute. The pleated dress is a pleat with a straight line at the waistline. It is a very active dress. The dress of the class is a dress that is cut into two or three sections in a horizontal direction. Due to the difference between the position of the cutting and the sewing technique, the contour of the dress has various changes and different tastes.

From the dress of the dress, the type of dress can be denim dress, chiffon dress, lace dress, cotton dress and so on.

It is better to understand that each type of dress corresponds to its fabric and therefore has different performance in breathability. Nowadays, many young people are keen to wear denim dresss, mainly to see the novelty of their styles.

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