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How Micro-fat Girls Choose The Pair Of Dresses

Posted by huo janson on

120 pounds of micro-fat girls choose the pair of dresses, let you visually slim 10 kilograms, just wear them right.

Summer is coming soon, Janson believes that the girls are already gearing up, ready to go new heights? But the ladies in the micro-fat world know that sometimes the seller show is the same thing, but wearing it is another matter. The chubby girl may be the most embarrassed figure in dressing, said thin, thick arms, small belly drums, thighs and buttocks are fuller. But let's say fat, at least some parts of the body are still thin, but not fat to the point. Therefore, when you mix it a little loosely, you may gain a lot of weight. Of course, if you choose the right style, it is very easy to lose 10 kilograms in minutes. This is not, janson wants to introduce to everyone who wears the blogger serry, is a typical full-fledged girl, she likes to wear a dress, and does not look very fat. You are a little fat girl, just buy it according to her style!

1. Large sleeves

With serry's collocation, Janson realized her obsession with her sleeves. Her arms and flesh, basically all the styles of the dresses have sleeves, and the puff sleeves and small flying sleeves have a high rate of appearance, or the sleeves with small ruffles. For example, a white dress, the cuff lace spreads the attention of the arm. The puff sleeve on the right side is also often worn, and the hollow design is more delicate and not dull, and the meat is covered tightly by the way. However, the too exaggerated puff sleeves will be counterproductive, and it seems that people are very strong, and everyone has to take good scales.

2. V-neck

There are V-necks in all the thin rules, and dressing is no exception. Serry has a lot of dresses that are V-necks, and the visually slimming effect is first-rate. The same V-neck dress, deep V is thinner than shallow V. Or you can buy a V-neck strap dress directly, just add a T-shirt in it, don't worry too much, and you can achieve a slimming effect.

Serry also likes to use a delicate necklace to create a V-neck, in short, to make the neck look as long as possible. Many micro-fat girls still have a collarbone, boldly exposed, absolutely slim!

3. Waist line

Although Serry is fleshy, she never wears a loose dress to cover it, because it will turn people into buckets. The correct idea is that the dress must have a waistline. Of course, the style of the dress does not need to be tight, but the waistline must not be less. Whether it is the waist design of the dress, or add a belt, in short, the waist line can wear the curve beauty.

4. Long dress plus boots

In all of Serry's dresses, Janson thought she looked the thinnest when she wore a long dress. After all, a long dress with an ankle is on the upper body. No matter how much meat you have, you can't see it. The long dress and high waist design can make you have a long leg. Of course, girls who are afraid of pressing their heads can learn to wear a pair of boots, and the uppers and dresses of the boots are connected together, which makes them look tall and fashionable.

5. The fabric is light

All of Serry's dresses are almost chiffon. This fabric is very smooth and will not cling to the body, nor will it be excessively swelled. It can be said that it has a slimming effect and is visually more than what lace satin. Much better. Not only does this dress look light, it is also very cool to wear. When the micro-female girls buy a dress, they should also consider the fabric.

120 pounds of micro-fat girls just choose the right dress, you can make you visually thin 10 kilograms, according to the above rules to wear right. You are in the micro-fat world, if you have any insights on slimming, you are welcome to share it with everyone!


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