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How Does a Woman Over 150 lb Choose a Dress

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A woman who weighs more than 150lb, wearing a bloated and cheesy

It’s time for all kinds of dresses to dance, but for girls who have been over 150lb, this is the time to test our ability to wear. Although there are thousands of kinds of skirts, there are 4 kinds of them that are the "disasters" of the little fat little fairies. If you are not careful, it will quickly appear bloated and tacky, and pay attention to other tricks!

1.Cake dress

The cake skirt is a hot item this year, from the model to the net red, all wearing it out of the street. But girls who weigh more than one hundred have to polish their eyes, don't be tricked! The cake skirt adopts a loose A-line version, which is more cumbersome in design, and it is easy to give people a massive drag. It is 5 pounds in minutes!

2.Pleated dress

The pleated skirt can be said to be a must-have for the literary goddess. The breeze smashed, and the skirt fluttered. It was a beautiful painting. But for the pear-shaped body, the pleats of the pleated skirt are easy to visually deepen the sense of expansion, making the fat hips and thighs look thicker.


Every little girl must have had a princess dream, and the gorgeous lavender tutu is naturally a model for the princess. Although the skirt looks very cute, wearing it on the body of the little fat fairy will deepen the full feeling of the lower body. The whole person looks "round," and it is really "spicy eyes" to wear out every day!

4. large area printed dress

The printed skirt is a must-have for the summer, and the bright and fresh colors combined with the vivid flowers are full of summer refreshing. However, for the micro-fat girls, it is necessary to carefully choose a large area of ​​printing elements, because the oversized pattern is not easy to control, and it is easy to make people feel too "native"!

Seeing this, the little fat girls may want to cry, how can this not be worn, it can't be worn! Don't worry, listen to us slowly for you to fit the four little skirts of over 100 girls!

1.A word dress

In the dress of water, the A-line skirt is tailor-made for the low-fat fairy, especially suitable for a pear shape. The high waist design increases the position of the waistline and optimizes the body shape ratio. The A-line version can cleverly cover the "small belly" and the thicker thigh roots. The whole person is thin and tall!

2.Solid color straight dress

Compared with the flower-shaped floral dress, the solid color elements are more refreshing and straightforward, and the weight is reduced in minutes. At the same time, combined with the straight version that is not too loose, the H-shaped cut can visually tighten the waist and abdomen, and then mix with a pair of single pointed shoes, the whole person is fresh and fresh.

3.Literary shirt dress

For the 20+ micro fat girls, the small wall cracks recommend simple and elegant shirt skirts, whether it is commuting or casual. The shirt skirt version is straightforward, fits the body but not too tight. Coupled with classic stripe print elements, break the single dull, inject a little intellectual atmosphere.

4.V-neck dress

The V-neckline cut is undoubtedly the most suitable element for the micro-fat star, combined with the waist dress; it is a thin tool. Compared to the too casual arc neckline, the V-neck design can visually stretch the neck curve, and the whole person looks taller.

Full of dry goods have been served! Over 100 weights do not mean that we can only give up wearing, as long as we grasp the A-line, solid color, shirt version, and V-neck tailoring, etc., the micro-fat girl can still be thin and beautiful, wear his style.

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