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How To Choose A Dresses?

Posted by huo janson on

1.Thick waist women: should choose a suit skirt, tube skirt. The waist of the pleated skirt should not be too tight. It is not advisable to wear a skirt with an elastic band.
2.Women with high and thin body: Wear pleated skirts and flare skirts. With puff sleeves and lantern sleeves, it looks full.
3.Short stature female soil: skirts that should be made of soft and close-fitting clothing should be consistent with the color of the socks. To create a sense of slenderness.

4 full-bodied women: should choose a moderately thick, soft, sturdy suit skirt, skirt. The color is a bit deeper. Dresses, flare skirts, and pleated skirts that are not made with large patterns, horizontal stripes, and large checkered fabrics.


5.Women with short legs: Should choose a longer, higher waist dress, plus a wide belt, it looks symmetrical.
6.Women with prominent lower abdomen: a wide skirt made of hemp fabric should be selected. Avoid soft clothing.
7.Women whose hips are too big and too high: a short skirt made of soft clothing should be chosen. The shirt is a little short, and with the waist of the card, it looks like a grand party.


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