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How To Match Green Skir

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Can be equipped with blue, white and yellow.

Green clothes with what color to look good

1.When the green color is matched with the bright colors of the same color, such as lemon yellow green, tender grass green or white, it will give people a refreshing and vivid feeling; when the green and warm colors match yellow or orange, there will be a kind of youthful and lively. Sense. When green matches purple, blue or black, it looks noble and gorgeous, but it is best not to use too much.

2.Light green, this color is not easy to find a better match except white, if it is light green with red, it is too soil; if it is matched with black, it is too heavy; if it is matched with blue, it will be rushed; with yellow only Can barely say yes. If you wear green clothing, you can use white leather bags and leather shoes, the silver-gray effect is second, and other colors are still less touch.

3.Therefore, when buying green clothing, don't be impulsive, especially pay attention to whether you have white and silver skirts and trousers to match it. In short, when you buy a green dress or green pants, you can't forget to match it. A white coat jacket.

Green dress makeup match:

When wearing green clothing, the foundation is suitable for yellow, the foundation for the cheek or the same color that is slightly lighter than the foundation, and the eye cream is suitable for dark green or light green (depending on the color of the clothing), eyebrow pencil It is suitable for dark brown, rouge is suitable for orange (red with yellow), lipstick and nail polish are suitable for orange.

Green is a very picky color, the good combination can make you stand out in the crowd, green clothes and what color look good, this is a learning.


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