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Learn to match dress every summer can be full of fairy tales

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Don't dare to wear a skirt? Learn to match this way; every summer can be full of fairy tales

For the little fairies with thick legs, how to cover themselves with a pair of thick legs is the most important thing. After all, there are still many little fairies who are perfect, but they are lost on the legs. Therefore, it is more important to choose one that fits the pin. So what kind of clothes can you wish to cover your legs?
Choose a long skirt or wide-leg trousers, what kind of blouse, which makes the little fairies have a headache when they choose to wear them. Don't worry about these ha, let us fix these now. Teach the little fairies some simple and easy to learn collocation skills, so that when you usually match, you can easily cover the calf that makes the little elves have headaches!
Wearing wide-leg pants is very easy to cover the legs because wide-leg pants are usually designed to be long, because it is a long section, generally wearing a position like a barefoot, it cleverly covers the leg. Besides, I think that if the little fairies with thin feet are suitable, they can cover the legs skillfully. Secondly, they can look slim and show the best side of everyone. It is two things. And the bib pants are also suitable for the little fairies with thick waists. I think if they take up these two points, it is true that the tiny elves choose a wide-leg bib to match.
Just like the way this strappy is matched, it is worth learning. Because it is caramel brown, it is very suitable for the little fairy who is in the style of the royal sister. The bow on the chest also seems to be a bit tender.
Also, I think the style of the yellow bib is also worth learning because the yellow color is not standard, but this wide-leg yellow bib, in addition to covering the calf, looks thin, with a simple The white t-shirt is also suitable as a base. It is ideal for wearing when you go out to play, but it has a bit of a rustic style.
In addition to the wide-leg pants can cover the calf well, the white gauze that comes with the long skirt also has the function of covering the calf, because the dress with the white veil usually looks longer, and then the leg can be covered, and Can you look like you are wearing a fairy, really good looking?
For example, this long black dress, because it is long, can easily cover the calf, and it is an irregular design, it is suitable for some small fairy with personality, and the white veil is also a little early, it looks even more good looking.
In contrast, a light blue strap dress with white veil and a little neighboring fairy feel is nice. With a simple t-shirt inside, it looks cold and sunny, with short hair or ponytails, it is very suitable.
Because it is a long skirt, it can naturally cover the calf, but the style of some long dresses is also different, some are relatively simple, some are very royal style, mainly in the choice, the little fairies should follow Choose your preferences and styles.
The skirt is biased towards temperament style; its color is also relatively cold, it looks. More beautiful. Moreover, the design also uses an irregular plan, which is more individual, mainly because it is a long skirt so that it can cover the calf, not the legs. If it is matched, it is best to match the style of this dress. We recommend long hair and choose some better hairpins as a decoration.
In addition to this style, this small, fresh long skirt is also very suitable, suitable for some students or just joined the female fairy. The long dress is white with a short floral pattern on it, which is fresh and lively.
The long black dress is very suitable for office workers to wear, because it is very temperament, and because it is long enough, it can cover the defects of the calf. However, if you want to wear a dress outside, it is better to wear it. Wearing a short-sleeved trench coat looks very temperament. Because it is also biased towards casual style, it seems to be cold, but you can also consider wearing canvas shoes, so that it will not be too tiring, but also similar to the style.
Also, this plaid series of clothes have recently been scorching, although it is also a long skirt, with a grid series, it is more students more youthful. Like this dress, the pure white group, with a black checkered pattern, looks lively and straightforward.


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