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Lolita Wearing Can't Be Too Careless

Posted by huo janson on

Lolita wearing can't be too careless. Otherwise, the beautiful dress will add negative value to the face value.

Lolita's small skirt, because of its distinctive originality, usually has a cute and unique handle print, so it is trendy among girls, and now some unique, beautiful little skirts have even evolved into works of art. The very existence, even second-hand dresses may be fired at a very high price. But the good-looking Lolita is also a piece of clothing worn on the body. It is not suitable for your own wear and will only add to your value.

Having a little skirt out of the new style is familiar. There is no such thing as a home. We have a principle when we choose to start a new Lolita: choose the right one and the one you like.

"Choose your favorite Lolita" believes that many people are straightforward to get the idea; the key is "what is Lolita for himself." I think this problem can be considered from the two significant directions of skin color and body.

The main effect of skin color problems is our choice of color for tiny skirts. For girls with fair skin, it is easier to choose Lolita. White skin is the color of the lemon. It looks good. For girls with yellowish and black leather, some little skirts may not be very friendly.

A girl with yellowish or black skin is not suitable for wearing a tiny skirt with too high color saturation because her skin color is dull. A too bright little dress will form a sharp contrast with the dark skin tone, even if your facial features are very delicate, it will give you the overall value reduction.

The sweet Lolita usually has brighter and brighter colors, but it doesn't mean that the "yellow skin" Lo Niang can't take the soft line. There are still a lot of soft mo skirts to choose from, such as "rotted strawberries," "Xingyue strawberries" such a little black-based dress, they are relatively friendly to the yellow and black skinny girls. The white skirt is recommended to choose the white color of this white, and the little dress of the twilight is also right.

The main problem with the body problem is our choice of the small skirt version. The strengths and weaknesses are usually the principles of our selection of wear, but when you wear a Lolita skirt, some of the advantages of the body may become your "weakness."

The high-waisted skirt is particularly demanding for girls, and the chest is a little bigger or a little fatter. This is why the advantage of the body may be the reason for your "weakness" in a tiny skirt. This type of body condition is not suitable for high-waist styles; you should choose a waistline style with a waist.

Also, if the shoulder is more "strong" or the girl with more flesh on the arm, pay attention to the choice of the version. Otherwise, the very cute little dress wears the "strong man" is a sad reminder. It is. If the short skirt is a jack style, you can choose to have a small flying sleeve in the summer, so that you can cover the flesh of the flesh and it is very cool.

All in all, we can't be too careless when choosing a Lolita skirt. Sometimes a little dress or a favorite short skirt that I like may not be suitable for myself. If I buy it forcibly, I will give it my value. To enhance the "add block," you must choose the style that you like and fit.


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