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The Unique Country That Men Love to Wear Dresses

Posted by huo janson on

The unique country in the world, men don’t like to smoke, but they love to wear dresses.

In a blink of an eye, I stepped into April. The hot summer is coming soon. Although we hate the summer temperature, we are also looking forward to the summer. In the summer of our country, women wear beautiful little skirts. And girls will feel that this dress is gorgeous. Although men do not wear skirts, it is also very eye-catching to see girls wearing beautiful skirts. But if Xiaobian tells you, there are some places in the world where men are even wearing dresses. Do you believe it? Perhaps many people will find it incredible. Is the little skirt exclusive to girls? How can men wear it?

This country is Myanmar. Mentioning this country, many people may think of the phenomenon that men in their country do not smoke, and this phenomenon is because the local Buddhist culture in Myanmar is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. And the men saw that the monks did not smoke and learned. It is not the most prominent feature of Myanmar that men do not burn. If you come to Myanmar, you will find that the men here are wearing skirts. Not only that, but the period in which they wear dresses is not limited to summer, but they are wearing skirts all year round. I am afraid that many friends will be curious when it comes to it. In fact, the reason why people in Myanmar wear such a skirt is closely related to the local location and culture.

This kind of dress in Myanmar is called Longji and is a historical, national costume. This kind of skirt is not only worn by men, but also the local women are wearing such dresses. It’s just that our country’s men don’t wear skirts, so it’s so deep to find a man wearing a skirt. And their dress choice is that the skirt is also related to the local location. Because Myanmar's temperature is relatively high throughout the year, so wearing such a skirt will feel very relaxed.

Of course, this kind of dress will still attract a lot of people to be curious; after all, today's shorts are more comfortable and cool to wear. And Myanmar still has to dress this way. And the man's skirt will always have a lot of beautiful patterns printed on it. This clothing is still tight for us to accept. Myanmar also has the heart to sell such skirts overseas, but sales are terrible. Perhaps it is because men in other countries do not like to wear dresses.

I don't know if you will see a man wearing a skirt when you come to Myanmar next time. Are you still surprised? I think it will be a lot better. Of course, although their culture makes us a bit difficult to understand, local tourist attractions are still worth visiting. So visitors who come here still have to take an enjoyable tour.


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