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No Dress Is Not Feminine

Posted by huo janson on

"No dress, no woman", 16 "glamour" dresses, pure and charming

There is such a saying: "No dress is not feminine", skirt as a woman's "patent clothing", can show the charm of women, almost all seasons are the "darling" of fashion. Especially in the summer, the dazzling and seductive dress girl has become a beautiful landscape, bringing beautiful and beautiful beauty to the hot summer days.

Everyone knows that wearing a dress and paying attention to "decent and suitable": the style, skin color, body shape and other matching decent, different young paragraphs, occasions wearing the corresponding clothing, in order to maximize the charm of clothing. Today, we will introduce 16 kinds of dresses suitable for Miss Ben 3's sisters to create a "clean and charming" charm of this age.

▲ It is recommended to choose a light-colored floral skirt with a light background, which can better reflect the young style. A loose short-shouldered skirt, which is characterized by refreshing, comfortable and fashionable. If you want, you can also wear jeans or slim pants to create different styles. "Practical" is very strong; ordinary version of floral skirt The fine prints have a delicate beauty, a slight self-cultivation, and the curves of young and energetic curves are just right. If you are out of the street, you can use a visor, sunglasses and other accessories, not monotonous.

▲Two sets of dresses can wear a young and chic atmosphere. In the hot summer, the short sunscreen cardigan with a sling dress is both refreshing and atmospheric. The outerwear is suitable for solid color. As for the dress, it can be a suspender skirt, a medium-length skirt, a solid color skirt or a floral skirt. When choosing a long skirt, you can wear high heels or flat shoes; if you are in a long skirt, it is best to wear high heels.

▲The shoulder-shoulder dress is a refreshing “representative” clothing, and the shoulder-shoulder design of the personality is a “good helper” for young ladies to show their fashion charm. The warm yellow dress will light up the youthful energy of the young lady, and the waistband and pleated skirt will be charming. The simple sleeveless, unleashing beauty of the young skin, extraordinarily charming, coupled with the high-pitched ponytail, the pure breath is on the face, full of femininity.

▲Good body should be boldly "show". For the young lady who is stupid, the slim-colored skirt can perfectly show the “natural beauty” of the figure. At this time, the color embellishment will be superfluous, as long as a small split skirt is enough to show the fashion trend. When a slightly fleshy young lady wears a slim dress, she can take a small color shirt with the same color, which can play a slimming effect.

▲The dress is a kind of clothing with sexy elements. It seems to be only suitable for wearing in a privacy occasion, but it is different if it is a shirt or a T-shirt. White chiffon shirt with black suspender skirt, color matching and slimming effect are first-class, simple and generous style, perfect fit to the light and temperament of Ben 3 women, pure and charming. The T-shirt and the suspender dress are a bit more feminine and intimate, and look gentle and generous, full of light and full of wind.

▲ Retro style dresses can often bring unexpected charm, with a dress with a famous style, can bring the pure beauty and graceful charm to the Ben 3 woman. Gu Li Naza's elegant and elegant style dress is full of everyone's beautiful temperament, graceful print, blending classical and fashion styles, bright colors, more and more white, fresh and charming. Wu Jinyan wears a national-style printed sling dress, which is different from the beach skirt, showing an elegant and atmospheric atmosphere, full of classical beauty.

▲ Wear a cheongsam or Hanfu on the street, and the rate of return is absolutely high. However, the traditional cheongsam is too demanding on the body, and it is not suitable for the temperament of the 3 women. If you like, you can choose to improve the cheongsam. Adding buckles or cross-bows to the basic version, this improved cheongsam dress has better inclusiveness and fashion, and is often more suitable for Miss Ben. In contrast, Hanfu's requirements for the body are much lower, the elegant and beautiful sleeves and skirts, elegant and elegant in the delicate and elegant, wearing absolutely charming.



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