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Pay Attention to the Following 4 Points When Wearing Dresses

Posted by huo janson on

No matter how old, wearing a skirt made these 4 mistakes, and the value of the face is not useful or cheesy.

Up to 50 years old, down to 15 years old, what women would not like skirts? No matter what woman, wearing a dress, always beautiful, so no matter what age or other factors, can not stop the enthusiasm of women to buy skirts. But we have a beautiful dress. If you don't wear it, you can't do it, so everyone must pay attention to the minefield where the dress is easy to step on. The following mistakes have been made, and the value will not look good anymore. It seems very cheesy and cheap, let's take a look.

First, don't choose a skirt without a waistline

Many girls like to wear straight dresses and feel that everything is going well, and I don’t know how the upper body works. The loose straight skirt is comfortable to wear, but this kind of wearing will make our collection look very bloated, especially the upper body will be hairy, even the supermodel will be more challenging to control, let alone talk about it. If it is a big chest girl, it is merely a match with the disaster scene, very tacky.
It is recommended that you wear a tailored style when you choose a skirt. It is best to collect the waist. The highlight of the curve will make the body look brighter. This is a more beautiful trick than other people, so be sure to remember to improve. Waistline. If it is not a waist style, you can use a belt to help us solve it. If you want to make it more distinctive, you can pay attention to the choice of the color of the belt. It can be a harmonious color of the same color, or it can be a color of the contrast.

Second, the length to the knee skirt

The length of the dress is also a crucial point. If you choose the wrong length, you can directly destroy the entire wear. For example, if the girl is not so good, the legs are short, or the legs are thick, and the length of the skirt is chosen at the knee position because the knees The length of the place just broke the visual extensibility, and the thickest calf part was revealed, which would make the legs shorter and more abundant.
Like a sister with a long leg or a skinny leg, you can try to wear a short skirt. The skirt can always make the person's figure very good, and the curve is exquisite; if it is a girl with thick legs, you can choose In the long skirt or A-line skirt to cover the flesh, remember not to choose a vibrant style, or it will look more bloated!

Third, wearing a large shed dress

The big umbrella skirt is a high-profile style on the show, but if you wear it in your daily life, it is challenging to wear it. I want to know that the models on display are very tall, and the second is very slim. One of seven of the figures is wearing large umbrella skirts, which naturally complement each other. However, few people in life have such a strong gas field to prop up such an atmospheric dress, and often there is a situation of improper matching, which is very similar to a little girl who secretly wears a mother's skirt.

Fourth, the matching shoes are not good

Generally speaking, when wearing a skirt, the whole body is straightforward. It is not like wearing other costumes. There is a lot of layers in the bottom. The structure of the base is destined to be very attractive when wearing a skirt. If the shoes are worn at this time. If it is not suitable, the grade of the whole match will be lowered, so a pair of decent shoes is essential. Heavy shoes like rustic waterproof platforms are avoided as much as possible, and they are very cheap! The refreshing little high-heeled shoes can be prepared with a few more pairs, with a pointed stiletto or a belt-type thick heel.
Have you remembered the above four easy mistakes? If you wear these skirts and make these mistakes, it will not be visible. If you have stepped into the minefield before, you may wish to start a new match now; there will be a surprise effect!


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