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The Relationship Between Dresses and Economy

Posted by huo janson on

The length of a woman's skirt is inversely proportional to the economy, which means that the shorter the woman's skirt, the faster the economy grows.

There is an interesting economic theory that the length of a woman's skirt is inversely proportional to the socioeconomic situation. The authors of the "skirt theory" found that in the United States in the 1920s and 1960s, women generally chose short skirts and skirts to rise upwards. As a result, the stock market also rose; in contrast, in the economic crisis of the 1930s and 1940s, they Choosing to wear long skirts, the market is gradually lower. In other words, a woman dressed up and dressed sexy is a good sign for the economy.

We have all noticed that in recent years, the long skirts have become popular all over the world. This year, lace and mesh are very popular. There are vintage and romantic tastes everywhere, sweet and rustic florals, and romantic prints. Flowing and light ruffles, cute and elegant puff sleeves, from a neutral wind a few years ago to a gentle feminine.

In fact, the reason is that the length of the skirt and the popular style and economy are closely related. When the economy is booming, the men are inflated, and walking on the street is also looking around. I want to read the spring of the world. The shorter the economy is, the more the business is plummeting, the man is exhausted, and he will not pay attention to the beauty of the woman. The woman has to cover herself with a long skirt. If the long skirt is worn for a long time, it will promote the textile industry and the planting industry and stimulate the economic recovery. In addition, the economic crisis has deepened, a large number of employees have lost their jobs, and women have moved from the workplace to the family. The femininity has been revived, and trousers and short skirts have clearly given way to romantic dresses. So, it seems that the standard for measuring inflation is very simple. When spring comes, go to the street and aim at both eyes.

Although the economic crisis in recent years has not caused turmoil in the country, everyone understands the impact of inflation in recent years on our lives. This is one of the reasons why long skirts become a fashion. Of course, some people say that Now, the miniskirt is still not outdated. Yes, after the 1970s, the world’s fashion trends are developing in a diversified direction. Everyone’s self-awareness is enhanced, so it is impossible to reunify the national uniform like the Red Guards. There have been more and more choices, but it is undeniable that long skirts are still the mainstream in recent years.

In any case, the popularity of skirts and the development of the economy are closely related, which is instructive for designers or economists.


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